Ruminant Consultant Services

RCS provides customized nutritional consulting services for small ruminants, with an emphasis on dairy goats, meat goats, dairy sheep and hair sheep . With over 25 years experience in the industry, RCS is well-positioned to improve your herd. Caprine Immuno Boost is a superior goat nutritional supplement popular among RCS clients.

RCS’s mission is to provide total feeding programs for the dairy goat and meat goat operators aiming to improve a herd’s overall health and yield. RCS can work with herds of any size, breed and stage of development.
Five reasons why nutrition is important to your goat operation.
Caprine Immuno Boost is a specialized vitamin and trace mineral pack which enhances dairy goat and meat goat immune response, improves rumen digestion, breeding efficiency, disease resistance, and mastitis control. Long term use of this supplement will improve hair coat and hoof health.